About Healthgrades

HealthgradesHealthgrades rankings are released annually and measure the quality of care present in U.S. hospitals.

Healthgrades rates hospitals independently based on data that hospitals submit to the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid services, part of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. No hospital can opt in or out of being rated, and no hospital pays to be rated.

For 26 procedures and medical treatments, Healthgrades issues “star ratings” that reflect the mortality and complication rates for each category of care. Hospitals receiving a 5-star rating have mortality or complication rates that are below the national average, to a statistically significant degree. A 3-star rating means the hospital performs as expected. 1-star ratings indicate the hospital’s mortality or complication rates in that procedure or treatment are statistically higher than average. Because the risk profiles of patient populations at hospitals are not alike, Healthgrades risk-adjusts the data to allow for equal comparisons.

  • A total of 183,534 in-hospital complications could have potentially been avoided if all hospitals performed at a 5-star level.
  • Patients were 42% less likely to experience an in-hospital complication in hospitals receiving 5 stars versus all other hospitals.
  • Patients treated in hospitals receiving 5 stars had, on average, 75% higher risk of surviving than if they were treated in hospitals receiving 1 star (across 18 common procedures and diagnoses, such as heart bypass surgery, stroke, and pneumonia).
  • The risk of surviving is 58% higher at hospitals receiving 5 stars versus all other hospitals.

To learn more about Healthgrades, or to research hospital or provider rankings on the Web, navigate to www.Healthgrades.com.

Rankings Applicable to Nebraska Heart Hospital

Although Healthgrades rates hospitals on a wide array of procedures and diagnoses, Nebraska Heart only qualifies to be ranked in categories relating to cardiac and vascular care. Because Nebraska Heart is a full-service heart hospital, it is rated for all categories of cardiac and vascular care (many hospitals do not have full-service cardiac and vascular programs, and are thus only analyzed in certain measures of care).

The five major categories for which Nebraska Heart receives rankings are:

  • Cardiac Surgery
  • Cardiology Services
  • Coronary Interventional Procedures
  • Overall Cardiac Care
  • Vascular Surgery

Each category of care contains sub-categories, all of which are eligible for star ratings. Go to Healthgrades 2013 Rankings to view the latest state, national and star ratings for Nebraska Heart.