Holter Monitoring

Nebraska Heart Institute has been providing Holter monitoring to patients and the community since April of 2002. Holter monitoring provides a recording of every heartbeat over a 24 hour or more period. The recording is scanned by an Arrhythmia technician and every heartbeat is evaluated and counted. The reports provide the physician with information including:

  • patient’s heart rhythm
  • slowest heartrate
  • fastest heartrate
  • average heartrate
  • changes in rhythm (arrhythmias)
  • recordings of heart rhythms during symptoms

Holter monitors are helpful to determine if symptoms felt by patients are related to changes in their heart rhythm. Changes in heart rhythms detected in Holter exams can lead to pacemaker implants, ICD implants, medication changes and ablations. Management of heart arrhythmias can offer a better quality of life in some instances.