The Nebraska Heart Institute provides a full-range of cardiology services to support the health care needs of patients throughout the region. Specialist at NHI focus on: non-invasive testing including nuclear and echo as well as invasive cardiac catheterization and transesophageal echocardiography; interventional cardiology to include angioplasty, cardiac stenting, PFO Closure and peripheral vascular treatment.

Electrophysiologists afford patients an array of diagnostics and treatment such as “mapping” of the heart’s electrical system, pulmonary ablation, pacemaker and ICD implantation and are one of the country’s leading implanter of biventricular ICDs for heart failure patients.


  • ackerman-stephen2
    Stephen J. Ackerman, MD
  • ayala-kaliprasad
    Kaliprasad N. Ayala, MD
  • bajwa-paul
    Paul S. Bajwa, MD
  • vishwajeth-bhoopalam-md-nebraska-heart
    Vishwajeth Bhoopalam, MD
  • chander-ajay2
    Ajay Chander, MD
  • efstratiou-alain_new
    Alain Efstratiou, MD
  • friesen-jose2
    Jose Friesen, MD
  • fruehling-erich3
    Erich R. Fruehling, MD
  • gallagher-peter
    Peter L. Gallagher, MD
  • heirigs-rick
    Rick L. Heirigs, MD
  • jain-anuj
    Anuj Jain, MD
  • khalid-adnan
    Adnan Khalid, MD
  • king-jeffrey2
    Jeffrey King, MD
  • korpas-denes
    Denes Korpas, MD
  • kosmicki-doug
    Douglas L. Kosmicki, MD
  • martin-steven
    Steven L. Martin, MD
  • gina-mentzer-2
    Gina Mentzer, MD
  • nagaraj-hosakote
    Hosakote Nagaraj, MD
  • nass-omar
    Omar Nass, MD
  • netz-douglas
    Douglas D. Netz, MD
  • rundlett-rebecca
    Rebecca S. Rundlett, MD
  • travers-chad
    Chad Travers, MD
  • NHI_Anuradha-Tunuguntla
    Anuradha Tunuguntla, MD
  • NHI_L-Yerra
    L. Yerra MD