Advanced Practice Clinicians

Advanced Practice Clinicians can:

  • Obtain medical histories and perform physical examinations
  • Diagnose and treat acute health problems
  • Prescribe medications and other treatments
  • Assist physicians during interventional and surgical procedures
  • Promote positive health behaviors and self-care skills through education and counseling
  • Collaborate with physicians and other health professionals as needed

The Advanced Practice Clinicians at the Nebraska Heart Institute work with the physicians to provide extensive education, preventative care, treatment and follow-up for patient care. Taking care of the whole patient is the goal of the Nebraska Heart Institute.

  • bankson-brianna
    Brianna Bankson, PA-C
  • basit-courtney
    Courtney Basit, PA-C
  • baxter-mary
    Mary Baxter, APRN
  • brey-beth
    Beth Brey, APRN
  • Amberlace-Citta
    Amberlace Citta, APRN
  • doane-chelsie2
    Chelsie Doane, PA-C
  • dynek-jeff
    Jeff Dynek, PA-C
  • Kristy Hardy Nurse Practitioner
    Kristy Hardy, APRN
  • huenink-janet
    Janet Huenink, APRN
  • keebler-kristin
    Kristin Keebler, APRN
  • kile-heidi
    Heidi Kile, APRN
  • koester-alli
    Alli Koester, PA-C
  • larsen-janelle
    Janelle Larsen, APRN
  • lee-stephanie
    Stephanie Lee, PA-C
  • nits-lauren
    Lauren Nitz, PA-C
  • obrien-taya
    Taya O’Brien, APRN
  • NHI_Dana-Petersen
    Dana Petersen, PA-C
  • pletcher-julie
    Julie Pletcher, APRN
  • quinn-deb
    Deb Quinn, APRN
  • shipman-amy
    Amy Shipman, APRN
  • spencer-susan
    Susan Spencer, PA-C
  • sterner-jennifer
    Jennifer Sterner, APRN
  • syde-kristin
    Kristin Syde, MPH, PA-C
  • tyndall-jesse
    Jesse Tyndall, PA-C
  • unverferth-virg
    Virg Unverferth, APRN
  • vuchetich-dave
    Dave Vuchetich, PA-C
  • woita-warren
    Warren Woita, PA-C