Medical Director:
Joseph Petty, MD

NHH respiratory therapists work with Nebraska Heart surgeons and cardiologists as well as pulmonologists and primary care physicians, in the treatment of pulmonary disease and cardiac surgery recovery. NHH respiratory therapists lend their expertise to the organization’s 24 cardiologists, 2 electrophysiologists, 6 surgeons, 4 anesthesiologists, and 21 MLPs.

The Nebraska Heart Hospital offers comprehensive respiratory care services, as well as provides a four bed sleep lab that allows scheduling six nights a week. In addition, NHH has an in-house pulmonary function laboratory and assists consulting pulmonary and gastroenterology physicians with endoscopy services. The organization’s clinical strengths has earned the trust of the physicians and generated clinical autonomy that allows them to utilize the AARC Clinical Practice Guidelines and treat the patient as necessary, improving outcomes.

NHH respiratory therapists are involved within the facility on multiple committees. Therapists are also involved in the community with disaster preparedness and the local respiratory therapy school as a clinical site and a member of the advisory board. Recently, the anesthesiology and respiratory care departments presented two poster presentations at the AARC International Congress in Orlando, Florida, which earned recognition on an international level.

The department is also proud to have coordinated and participated in hosting every AARC International Fellow since the hospital opened in 2003 and for receiving the AARC Quality Respiratory Care Recognition Award from 2005-2009.

The Nebraska Heart Hospital was the first recipient of Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Nebraska 2007 Recognition for Quality Award and received the 2007 American Heart Association Get with the GuidelineTM Sustained Performance Gold Award and 2006 & 2007 Thomson 100 Top Hospitals: Cardiovascular Benchmarks for Success Award Winner. The respiratory care department is proud to contribute to the 98 percent rating of patients who received antibiotics one hour before surgery and 81 percent rating of patients always receiving help when they wanted it; a higher rating than the Nebraska state average according to

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