Nebraska Heart Hospital’s Hybrid Operating Suite the First in Lincoln

The Nebraska Heart Hospital took another step forward for patient care in 2013 with the Hybrid_Operating_Room_WEBopening of Lincoln’s first cardiac hybrid operating suite in January of this year. The new suite provides the tools and space necessary to provide the best cardiac and vascular care possible. The suite combines the quality imaging capability found in a traditional heart catheterization lab with the sterile environment of an operating room.

The hybrid suite allows cardiovascular surgeons, cardiologists, imaging specialists and support staff to work together during surgery and other interventions. The equipment and capabilities within the suite enable the team to act quickly if necessary. For example, if complications arise during a heart catheterization procedure, a surgeon can quickly be called in to perform surgery in the same room. The time saved could make a big difference for the patient.

“The hybrid suite greatly complements our team approach here at Nebraska Heart,” said James Wudel, MD, cardiothoracic surgeon with Nebraska Heart. “It’s particularly useful for the TAVR therapy we provide for heart-valve patients. This suite gives the TAVR team of surgeons, cardiologists, imaging specialists and anesthesiologists the flexibility and room that a procedure such as TAVR requires.”

TAVR stands for transcatheter aortic valve replacement, a minimally invasive procedure to treat defective heart valves.  The Nebraska Heart Institute’s Heart Valve Team was among the first in the nation to perform the TAVR procedure.

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